Latest styles in Men’s Fashion for Summer 2019

The major showcasing of the Men’s Fashion for Summer 2019 is out. Many shows are over, Many shows are still around the corner. The latest trends information from the reputed sources has been given below. So, let us help you with your summer shopping 2019. We are sharing the best information and the latest one. To keep your summer shopping pocket-friendly, use the Koovs Offers.

So, here we go!!

Latest styles in Men’s Fashion for Summer 2019:

1 – Peppy Clothing in Flowery Prints:

Defined as the ‘Havana Vibes’ or the perfect beach clothing – it is in!! The flowery printed shirts in bright colours are trending. Don’t fear from sporting oranges; yellows; ochre; burgundy and greens. You can also think that the beach shirts are becoming the new casuals. Paired with the light coloured trousers (read white), they are a hit. The bright colours are reigning the fashion world currently. So, pick all of them for a trendy summer wardrobe.

2 – Military Prints in Casuals:

A number of brands have released a huge collection of military prints. Men in uniform have always been charming. So, add some military camouflage your wardrobe. Opt for all the different and quirky shades. The deep greens and gray are the best picks.

3 – Overalls:

The ‘overall’ dress code is becoming really popular. Tops and Pants in same colours are ruling men and women apparels. This means that white on white and black on black is a hit. Though the dark colours are still at a back-seat; the lights are on top.

4 – Men in Suits are Trending like crazy:

The age of elegance is back! The suits are so in and all the ‘Barney-styles’ are ruling the world. Therefore, make sure to add some good quality suits. Pick the ones in same colours and quirky stitching. Suede, light candies and white are the most trending ones. So, just grab them and use Koovs coupon for money-wise shopping. Well, “suit-up”!!

5 – Blazers and Shorts:

This look is ruling the women and men fashion world. The current fashion focuses on gender neutrality. In fact, the same colours and same clothes are being worn. The blazer and shorts look is trending like anything. If you want to buy some apparel, then pick the casual blazers in bright colours. The shorts are really short and come to the middle of your thighs. So, you can flaunt those runner’s muscles as well. The tie-dyes and retro prints are offered from some of the high-end brands.

6 – Suits with Bare Chests:

Your dreams of flaunting the muscles you have been working on have come true. This latest trend is having the suits that flaunt the bare chests. However, keep your body frames in mind while going for this style. The style is also a big no-no for the people with feeble frames. They are the super cool and super classy outfits for parties and private gatherings.

7 – Sage Colour:

If you think that green is a colour for women, then you are thinking wrong. There is a wonderful member of the green family – Sage. Sage colour has been showcased in various international collections such as:

  • Corneliani
  • Oliver Spencer
  • Boglioli
  • Zegna etc

This means that it is a safe and a trendy choice. Pick some pants; or some shirts. You can pick suits in single colour as well. The formal as well as semi-formal options are also there.

8 – Hiking Sandals:

If we are talking about the full look, then hiking sandals are also trending. There are various styles and designs available. They are being paired with the formal as well as casual clothing. They are perfect for the men with a quirky fashion sense. So, break from the usual sensible image. Add some colour and twist to your dressing and wear them.

9 – Sharp Shirts:

Well, they are not sharp to touch. They are sharp in colours and patterns. The main styles in this category are:

  • Cuban Collars
  • Distinct fits
  • Bans and Lapels that exceed their limits
  • Floral Prints
  • Tribal Prints
  • Stripes
  • Tropical prints
  • Floral Checks
  • Grandad Collar
  • Dot Prints

Well, your ultimate fashion guide for summer 2019 is ready. So, get all those Koovs Coupons in line and shop your heart out.

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