4 New Dresses You Should Include in Your Summer Wardrobe

Finally, the winter layers can rest and give way to the summery frocks. Well, not all of us can wear the frocks; right? But, nobody said that the frocks have to be STRICTLY ‘frocks’. They can be a bit long and serve as tunics, or a bit modified to look as stylish tops. The modern age dressing is all about experimentation and elusive boundaries. Therefore, we have come up with a list for all the modern age women. Trendy and classics – you should have everything in your wardrobe. To keep your summer dressing game top-notch, read on. Shop all these styles online and save using Peachmode online shopping offers.

Here Are 4 Dress Types

Pastels are here to stay:

Pastels are the new Pinks! So, include them for a major wardrobe upgrade as per the latest trends. Pastel colours from all the colour families are currently ruling the fashion world. Actually, they are a perfect cross between candy and light colours. Hence, they are the new favourites. Your top picks would be:

  • Long kurtis
  • Tunics
  • Gowns
  • Lehengas
  • Printed Sarees
  • Palazzos and Culottes

Floor-Length layered Kurtas:

Well, we think that this beauty is here to stay for quite some time. Almost all of us have the floor-length Kurtis and Kurtas in our wardrobes. We have been using them as Kurtis as well as Gowns (Sanskarification, right?) So, if you were thinking to add some more pieces; do it. The floor-length layered kurtas serve the double purpose. They can be worn both as a gown and long tunic. You can wear them to all kinds of occasions and places. The best colours to choose for now are:

  • Mustard
  • Burnt Yellow
  • Ochre
  • Khaki Brown

Once the summer is on full-throttle, you can go for the flowery prints. You can choose from the following colours:

  • Bright Yellow
  • Pastel Pink
  • Bright Green

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Shorts with oversized top wear:

If you have been checking out the international fashion news, then you surely know this one. The shorts are yet again making heads turn. Not with their lengths and fabrics, but with their pairings. They are being currently styled with all kinds of top wear. You can spot celebs wearing long blazers, oversized shirts and all kinds of tops with them. Get quirky with the colours and styles for a novel impression. So, if you have been skipping exercise and gym; start that. After all, getting in shape is rewarded the best in the summers!!

Ethnic Gowns:

Not everyone can dress outrageously, and it’s understood. In India, women clothing is a subjective issue. Some women have to dress as per the conventions and traditions. Some women shop more during the festive season only. Some women love to shop from the flea markets. Some women want to enjoy both the worlds with one dress. By both the worlds we mean – Western dressing and Indian dressing. The long ethnic gown is one such amazing dress. They come in different styles and designs. They can touch the floor, yet make the heads turn or have some inches in between, as you want. All kinds of figures look lovely in it. And, they are unique as they can be styled with dupattas as well. The ethnic gowns have a way with the women; they can style the way they want it. So, ladies; here it is for you to slay perfectly for all the occasions; shop your heart out and flaunt your charm, for the summer is on!!

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