How to Dress a Baby for a Photo Shoot

Parenthood is an amazing experience that cannot be put into words. Every parent wants to treasure every moment of their child growing up. If you have a baby in your life, you will definitely leave no stone unturned to make the baby look their best all the time. For a photo shoot, you would want your baby to look exceptional.  Here are a few tips to make your baby look their best in their photo shoot-

  1. Comfort– Babies and new-born are very fragile. Their bodies are not yet developed to cope with the outside world and hence they must be protected. Baby skin is extremely soft and can be bruised easily. Therefore, every parent must dress their babies in the most comfortable of clothes made of soft, breathable cotton. Even for a photo shoot, no matter how fancy the selected clothes might be, you should always put the comfort of the baby first. Using Firstcry offers todayon comfortable garments for babies you can get great deals on your shopping for your new-born.
  2. Try classic looks– In fashion, trends come and go with time. But certain fashion statements are considered classics. For your baby to have a classic look, it is advised to not opt for bold and bright prints or designs. Such trends are temporary and will fade away, and the photos of your baby will look odd (remember how the pictures of 80s kids always had mullets as a hairstyle?). Therefore, it is always advisable to opt for classic prints while dressing your baby for a photo shoot.
  3. Colors– Babies always look good when they are dressed in bright and vibrant colors. Opting for dark shades like black and gray can make the pictures of your cute baby look drab and uninteresting. However, overdoing any bright color will also make the pictures look tacky. For girls, you can experiment with a bit of pinks and reds while with baby boys, lighter shades of blue look the best. Sticking to neutral tones like whites and creams is a safe bet. These colors are classy and help the baby look timeless.
  4. Prints– Bold prints capture everyone’s attention. Pattern mixing and matching are probably one of the easiest things you can do to make the pictures of your baby look exciting and turn your baby to look like a living angel. But prints which are in vogue at present tend to fade away in the future. Therefore, to maintain a timeless look in your baby’s photo, opt for classic print patterns like polka dots or mild floral patterns.
  5. Traditional attire– Ethnic and traditional can change the entire look of a photo. Regular wear never goes out of fashion. Evergreen traditional dresses like Ghagra-choli, lehengas, kurtas, etc. can add a new level of depth to the pictures of your beloved child. Combined with the right pair of footwear, a photo shoot of your baby in traditional attire is sure to grab a lot of attention.
  6. Accessorize– Accessories aren’t only for adults. A simple addition of a small hat can add another level of cuteness to the picture of your child. A hair band or a few floral clips can change the entire look of a picture of your daughter. For boys, bowties are an excellent addition and instill a very classy look. Beanies can also be used in photo shoots for boys. However, accessories tend to distract young children while their photos are being taken. So, not many accessories should be used at once.
  7. Season– It is necessary to take into account the climate of the place you live in while selecting a dress for your baby. Dressing your new-born according to the weather in the region will make sure that the baby is comfortable. In warm areas, breathable cotton garments should be the norm, and in colder areas, clothes made of soft Merino wool should be used. You can have a look at Reliance Trends offers today for great discounts on children’s apparel for all seasons throughout the year.
  8. Don’t overdo– This cannot be stressed enough. Many parents, in an attempt to perfect the look, tend to exaggerate the apparel or the accessories. This disturbs the overall look of the photo, and the clothes and accessories don’t seem to match with each other. You should always try to keep the baby’s look as lightweight and elegant as possible.

A photo shoot for your newborn can turn out to be a daunting task because you always want your baby to look their best. But in reality, it is really easy to select the perfect pair of clothes and click away from those pictures. After all, babies are always cute, aren’t they?

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