8 Spicy Burger Items to Spice up Your Evening

Burgers are one of the common food items that come to mind when one thinks of evening snacks. They are crispy; they are crunchy; what’s more? They are a foodie’s delight.

spicy burger

There are numerous reasons to try out this yummy treat. However, you need to choose the right item to light up your evening. These spicy burger items will not only spice up your evening but also give you a scoop of how delicious burgers can get.

1. Aloo Tikki Burger

You may have tasted bread and sauce before in a raw form. However, that combination just offers a basic taste. It is nowhere close to what a bread item can offer when topped up with a combo of  minced vegetables.

Potato curry placed between two pieces of buns may sound commonplace on pen and paper. However, in reality, its taste can give you a run for the money. This is what you get when you much at Aloo Tikki burger. You may have had a burger in western style. If you are looking for a change, then this is an ideal option for you.

2. Classic veg burger

They say “Old is gold”, and this holds absolutely true in the context of a burger. Classic burgers have been all the rage in the past. You might wonder how things have shaped up after the introduction to the newer variants of burgers. Interestingly, a burger in its simple form is still popular among those who cannot live without burgers.

Classic burgers are prepared in the old school style. In its general form, it involves minced flavoured vegetable alongside lettuce and mayo.

3. Cheese burger

Imagine the prospect of biting at bread crumbs with cheese in between. The spread of cheese makes it mouth-watering, and the curry with comes along with it makes it further interesting. Chipotle mayonnaise in combination with lettuce makes all the difference.

This version of the burger can be found at most food joints. So, even as you are not proficient with the preparation of a burger, you can still have it as and when you feel like having it. One of the best options to have it is KFC. With KFC Saturday offers, you can save money by ordering this item. So, do not forget to check your eligibility for the offer.

4. Classic chicken burger

Chicken items are never obsolete, no matter whichever dish you order or cook. And they are tasty as well. It is the mouth-watering taste of chicken item which can inspire anyone who does not have a fondness for pizza to start liking it.

What makes a chicken burger so special? It is the manner in which it is dressed. Besides, it also involves deep fried chicken patty with lettuce and mayo.

5. Tandoori chicken burger

You may have heard about chicken tandoor. But what about a tandoori chicken burger? At the outset, you may start searching for a parallel between the chicken burger and chicken tandoori. Because the former is made with tandoori masala, it tastes somewhat similarity with the latter.

If this sounds like a good reason for you to explore the burger version of tandoori chicken, you would be delighted to know that version with bread crumbs also involves deep fried chicken which is well dressed along with onion ring.

6. Chicken cheese

This item, unlike other chicken burgers, consists of the goodness of cheese alongside the chicken. The addition of cheese can make any item creamy. This item has a creamy appearance to it. It looks like a red greasy chicken which has the magical combo of lettuce and chipotle mayo. The only difference between chicken pizza and cheese chicken pizza lies in the presence of cheese. This also accounts for the creamy appearance in between both the bread crumbs.

7. Veg-non veg combo burger

If you are fond of chicken and wish to experiment how it tastes in conjunction with veg items, a combo burger which involves chicken item as well as vegetables is what you may want to try out. The best part about this burger is that it consists of all kinds of chicken – minced chicken, chicken cheese, marinated chicken – all in one package. Plus, the combination of vegetables delivers the extra punch.

8. Fish burger

Finally, some fish item for those who love fish. Wondering what it may taste like? Before you find it out, imagine how fried fish tastes. It is crispy, it is crunchy, it is delicious! A fish burger is for every part, as yummy, as crunchy and as crispy as crispy fried fish would taste like. If you have a liking for fish items and do not mind trying something unique, you should definitely lay your hands on this one.


If you have come this far, you may have already come to know how many burger options exist on this planet. Yet, these are just a handful of options. There are many more. With burgers, the biggest benefit is that you can experiment. Put anything delicious or spicy in between two crumbs of bread, and you have something which can soothe your tongue in the best possible manner. If the aforementioned burger items have whet up your appetite, then it’s high time you headed to one of the renowned food outlets in your locality and tasted it yourself. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

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