How to Stay Perfumed Always – Summer Fragrance Guide

All of us love to stay fragrant always with a scent that is refreshing and appealing. However, it is not advisable as well as feasible to wear artificial fragrances at all time; right? So, what is the best way to stay perfumed always? Is there a fragrance that you can carry all day long without getting tired of it?

The answer is yes! While most of the times we rely on artificial fragrances and scents, if we maintain proper hygiene and use high-quality toiletries, we can smell great all the time. Most of the products we use to maintain personal hygiene have artificial chemicals called Esters. These esters smell great and are used to impart lovely fragrances in soaps, shampoos, moisturizers and other such cosmetics. However, this fragrance is short-lived. So, if you wish to smell great at all times, you need something different, such as products made of natural essential oils and natural essences.

There are many high-end fashion brands that offer such products, but most of us are unable to afford them. However, The Body Shop is one amazing brand with such affordable products. You can find almost everything for personal wellness and skincare that are organic and made with natural ingredients. Further, you can also make use of money-saving goodies such as TheBodyShop coupons to make your purchase even more pocket-friendly.

In the following discussion, we have compiled a list of some of the best personal care products that are manufactured with natural ingredients. You can use them for smelling great all the time without having to use artificial fragrances. So, here we go!

List of Products for Long Lasting Fragrance

1. British Rose Shower Gel:

This is an amazing product that you can use daily for smelling like a rose throughout the day. This is an entirely natural and soap-free shower gel that is infused with the rich essence of hand-picked roses. The British Rose extract will keep you smelling great throughout the day. Because this shower gel is soap-free, you can also use it twice a day, when you take a bath before going to bed. It forms nice lather that ensures proper utilization as well.

2. Strawberry Shower Gel:

This shower gel will make you feel as if you are drenched in the strawberry extract. It is a soap-free shower gel that leaves your skin deeply nourished and soft. It is manufactured with cold-pressed strawberry oil which imparts it the characteristic natural strawberry fragrance. Cold-pressing is a technique in which oils and extracts are extracted in an extremely slow manner. This ensures proper yield from the ram material and also prevents heat generation during extraction. As no heat is produced, the oils and extracts come out in the best quality.

3. Spa Of The World French Lavender Massage Oil:

Spa Of The World French Lavender Massage Oil is a revolutionary product that is loaded with French Lavender. This massage oil not only relaxes your tension knots, but it can also be used daily after bath. It has a relaxing effect on your mind and body and calms down your nerves. Made with original rich extracts of French Lavender coming from Southern France, this massage oil is a perfect fragrance that you can carry all day long.

4. White Musk Flora Body Lotion:

White Musk Flora Body Lotion is loaded with the refreshing scent of peonies and lilies. It has a characteristic musk fragrance that is cruelty-free as well. This body lotion is perfect for the summers as it keeps you feeling fresh at all times. It comes with the goodness of shea butter and keeps your skin covered with a delicate envelope of moisture.

5. English Dawn White Gardenia Body Lotion:

English Dawn White Gardenia Body Lotion comes with the enticing fragrance of Gardenia flowers and Tuberose. This has a subtle fragrance that you can carry all day long. Manufactured with the pure extracts of hand-picked Gardenia blossoms from England, it is a Vegan product that you can use for any skin type. You can also use it as layering for other makeup products.

6. Rich Plum Soap:

The Rich Plum Soap is one of the best options to smell fruity and lovely during the hot Indian summers. The soap has extracts of plums and can be used for both, hands and body. If you are wondering about the source of the ingredients, it is made with Turkish plums. It cleanses your hands and body without depriving them of moisture.

7. Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion:

The Cherry Blossom season in Japan makes the entire ambience fragrant. Made with a mix of many natural ingredients, this body lotion will leave a distinctly feminine scent on your body. It has extracts of Cherry Blossom petals, Hinoki wood and sweet Magnolia. This body lotion has rich moisture and is suitable for vegans as well.

8. Satsuma Puree Body Lotion:

Satsuma Puree Body Lotion is made the cold-pressed Satsuma oil and is a moisture replenishing body lotion. Embalming your body in a nice fruity scent this body lotion is made of Satsuma oil from Argentina. We recommend massaging it into your body and let it permeate before wearing clothes for the best results.

9. White Musk® L’Eau Body Lotion:

This body lotion is made with vegan and cruelty-free white musk, which keeps you smelling great throughout the day. You can also layer it with other similar brand offerings from the L’Eau range for a wholesome effect. It also has distinct pear notes that overcome the nasty sweat smell as well.

10. Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Body Cream:

This is a luxurious silky-soft body cream that is made with hand-picked and cold-pressed Japanese Cherry Blossom petals. One of the best things s about this cream is that it also has distinct notes of amber, pink peonies and strawberries. So, when you use this body cream, you wear a distinctly enticing and feminine body scent that lasts all day long.

So, which ones are you going to buy? Let us know in the comment section below.

Top Summer Getaway Destinations from Bangalore

Summer Getaway Destinations from Bangalore

If you live in Silicon Valley, then you might be looking for the places around where you can unwind your tensions and enjoy the nature therapy straight from nature. Thankfully, not one, there is a bundle of places near Bangalore that are worth visiting, especially in the summers.

List of Places to Visit from Bangalore in Summers

1. Pondicherry

Also known as Puducherry, Pondicherry is one of the best places to visit for people living in Bangalore. The small French town is located on Coromandel shores and is home to pristine beaches. The place has impressive weather round the year, and you will have a wide range of choices to eat.

2. Kabini

If you are an avid nature lover, then no place is ideal than Kabini. You can have a peaceful stroll near the backwaters, which is the best option to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can visit the place on weekends and rejuvenate yourself. The place is best known for sigh seeing. Though it does not have any particular attractions that you can see, the place in itself is mesmerizing. From Bangalore, it takes four hardly four hours to reach Kabini.

3. Mysore

Known to be the largest district in Karnataka, the place boasts an array of historical monuments. This is the place in India from where you can buy high-quality silk and sandalwood. It is also famous for Ashtanga yoga, which is the prime reason why people from across the country visit the place. You can go for sightseeing and trekking. It would take hardly for 3 hours to reach Mysore from Bangalore. You can choose to drive and what could be best than Zoomcar. The portal allows you to choose the car that you wish to drive, and it offers all the services at the best price. For discounts browse through Zoomcar Bangalore offers and select the ideal offer for yourself.

4. Hampi

Hampi is amongst the UNESCO World Heritage sites; it boasts a rich history and heritage. Surrounded by the mesmerizing hills and Tungabhadra River, this tourist site is a perfect epitome of architectural geniuses. Owing to the monuments, Hampi is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in India.

5. Masinagudi

Another place that is an ideal getaway destination from Bangalore is Masinagudi. This place is perfect for long breaks in summers. You can visit Masinagudi for 2-3 days, along with your family or friends. It has alluring Vistas and trekking trails. You can either visit a national park or can even watch tea while they get processed. You can relax here and unwind all your tensions. Some of the best things that you can do here are birds watching, trekking and elephant riding safari.

6. Anthargange

You might not have heard the name of the place; this is the reason why it is one of the lesser-known places around Bangalore. It has an array of fascinating caves that are formed by the rocks and is a perfect place for adventure seekers who love to go for trekking, caving, and rock climbing. The best things it is very close to Bangalore and, thus, apt for your weekend gateways or even mid-week gateways.

7. Nandi Hills

Also known as Nandidurga, Nandi Hills is a popular weekend getaway destination near Bangalore. The place is famous for trekking. The awesome places derive its name from Nandi (a bull) that sits right at the doorstep of lord Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple. It offers splendid views of sunrise and sunset. You can visit the place in April and do not forget to visit the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan.

8. Yelagiri

Nothing could beat a trip to hills station in summers, and Yelagiri is the perfect hill station close to Bangalore. The gorgeous destination is ideal for relaxed weekends. From hiking to trekking, you can do all types of adventure activities here. While in Yelgiri, make sure to visit Nilavoor Lake and Punganoor Lake. You can also visit the place for a picnic with your friends and family.

9. Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary

Rajiv Gandhi Park is a delightful abode of adventure and nature. It is also one of the UNESCO heritage sites. The western Ghat adds to the scenic view of the place and makes it the best place to visit near Bangalore for a day or two.

10. Coorg

Last but not least, Coorg is the best summer getaway destination from Bangalore. It has lush green woods, coffee plantations, rocky terrains and flora and fauna that will surely leave you mesmerized. It is located at a considerable height so you can enjoy the view of the hills.

Conclusion: Bangalore is in itself a beautiful city. However, it could get a bit overwhelming because of the hustle and bustle. To distress yourself after a hectic day, you can drive to the beautiful places located near Bangalore.

Exquisite Women Fashion Collection on Ajio

Ajio women fashion

AJIO is a one stop shopping solution to all your fashion needs. It provides you the freshest, trendiest and also the most unique styles from all across the world. AJIO also runs its own label and sells products of other labels as well. The apparels, jewelry, footwear, and accessories are all authentic and branded and will surely encourage you to shop more! If your wardrobe needs to be done again, then there is no place elsewhere you should go.

Ajio has the latest designs and has a number of listed brands that will help you re-do your closet in the best way.

Fashion collections for women to dress up!

Minimum 70% off on Red Tape Footwear

Red Tape has an amazing collection of women’s footwear. There is a minimum amount of discount on all the orders that you make from Red Tape of 70%. There are a lot of items that you might want to explore, including flats, sports shoes, helps, wedges, sandals, flip flops, casual shoes, slippers, sneakers, boots, and so much more.

The collection seems quite exclusive, and the price ranges from 500 INR to 2000 INR. There is footwear in almost all kinds of colors that you will love and will surely find something that is worth your money, and also there is the trust of the brand. You can also use AJIO coupons to get an additional discount.

50% off on Global Desi Ethnic Wear

Global Desi has a range of items on sale and is offering them on sale prices with discounts. Some of the star products on 50% off sale are sarees, earrings, kurtis, kurtas, dupattas, and dress material as well. They also have skirts and ghagras, blouses, etc. they are available in all sizes for almost all age groups, so everyone will find something or the other for their interest.

There are so many prints and patterns, color combinations, and solid color contrasts that you will definitely find something that you feel will suit you.

Minimum 50% off on Caprese handbags and wallets

Caprese has a lot of discounts on almost all of its items. They include wallets, handbags, utility bags, gym bags, clutches, sling bags, and wristlets, and more. These bags are available in a wide range of colors and materials form which you can choose for yourself. Ajio is offering a minimum of 50% off on all the range of Caprese.

There are so many varieties of bags that have different features, and you can choose whichever you like. Some of the bags are also printed. All the bags have their own authenticity, and you can color coordinate them according to your preferences with your dresses and outfits. You will surely be able to find something with every dress or something that works with everything.

Indie Picks Ethnic Wear at 50% off minimum

Indie Picks has again a wide range of products, including sarees, earrings, kurtis, suits, dress material, kurtas, ghagras, skirts, scarves, jewelry, and so much more. All of these items are available on sale prices and have a discount of a minimum of 50%. The clothes of Global Desi can be worn at your workplace and also for the festive season.

The sarees are so pretty, and the kurtas are super unique in style, and each one has its own amazing design. All you need is to carry it with the right bottom. If you want a further discount, you can use the AJIO coupon and enjoy a father discount and save more than the original sale price.

Up to 60% off on Levis

Levis is offering a sale price on all its items as well. You can avail a discount of up to 60%. All the clothes of this brand are amazing. Some of the apparel includes t-shirts, tops, shirts, tunics, sweaters, sweatshirts, shrugs, jackets, denim, and so much more.

There is dissent on almost everything, and it ranges till 60% off depending on what you choose and how many items you buy!These are some amazing discounts running on the AJIO website. You can also pertain further discounts by using AJIO coupons, which will help you save further as well. Shop right ladies because the sale might end soon!

Types of Bras Every Woman Should Know – A Complete Guide

Bras are not only clothing, but they also help in keeping the body in shape for women. However, most of us women are unaware that we are wearing the wrong type and size of the bra. Even if we know about the same, we don’t have the right kind of knowledge to fix this. This is why we are to help you and guide you about the type of bras that you should own and how you should wear them so that it does not have any kind of negative effect on your body.

Types of Bras For Every Woman

Types of Bras for Women

1. T-shirt bra

T-shirt bras come with a moulded protection and add rigidity to your breasts, keeping them in shape. Also, they may or may not have a padded interior, depending on the kind you want. They may also have an underwire sometimes. The underwire offers complete coverage by this bra. However, it is important that you take a professional fitting for understanding your bra size at first hand before you buy this.

2. Sports bra

A sports bra is actually a magic formula for your breasts. If you are a gym kind of a person, or you go running, or practice any kind of sport, then having a sports bra is a must. It can make your workout more comfortable than ever. However, it is upon you to pay attention to the details. Your sports bra must have three things, cups, band, and straps. It should be fit, but not suffocating. Make sure that the straps of your sports bra are the least stretchy and, thus, cause no spillage.

You can buy a sports bra from Shyaway. There are a lot of offers at Shyaway using which you can get amazing discounts. You can also use Shyaway coupons to get flat discounts and save more.

3. Push up bra

A push up bra goes with a simple physical mechanism. It helps in adding volume to your breast by adding lift to them so that your breasts look fuller, closer, and symmetric as well. Women who have a smaller bust line can go for push up bras, and women who have saggy breasts can also go for the same. There is a myth that women with large breasts cannot war push up bras. Well, this is not at all true. Women with large breasts have saggy breasts as well. A push up bra can help get the breasts in shape and in the right way. Thus it is important that they also wear a push up bra.

Most of the push up bras are wired, and all you have to do is to make sure that your bra has a wire that tucks to your bust line so that it gives you the right kind of snuggly fit.

4. Padded bra

A padded bra is a savior. There are a lot of reasons for the same. Women with smaller breasts can get a padded bra to get the right volume and coverage as well. However, if you have large breasts, it makes you look wergild large and not in the most natural way. However, going for a soft padded bra can be considered. This is quite good if you wear them in winter as they help keep your chest warm as well. They are very soft as well as very comfortable too.

You can get your hands on padded bras with Shyaway offers and deals and save on your orders.

5. Strapless bra

A strapless bra is majorly worn when you are wearing an off-shoulder dress or a tunic top. You can also wear it as a bikini piece. It looks quite amazing if you wear it with a dress as it gives you the right type of coverage, and you can wear all your favorite dresses as well without having to worry about your bra straps. However, it is very important that you get bras, which are the right size. If you get a strapless bra of the wrong size, then it will surely cause a fiasco.These are some of the bras that you have to own to make your breasts look better and keep them in shape as well.

Trendy fashion accessories you need from Jabong

FeaturedJabong fashion accessories

Jabong is a platform which works as an online shopping website where you can find ample of outfits, accessories, for both men and women and even kids as well. The site has a lot of brands listed on its platform so people can choose from the same. With many options in designs, patterns, colors, and brands, the fashion accessories on Jabong offers are quite a highlight. This is why we have listed down some of the best and the most trendy fashion accessories that are available on Jabong and that you will surely want to buy!

Jabong fashion accessories

Fashion accessories on Jabong

1. HRX by Hrithik Roshan Unisex Blue Graphic Glacier Backpack

This is a fantastic backpack that’s launched by the brand, which is run and owned by Hrithik Roshan. Given the infamous actor’s brand, this bag is undoubtedly a highlight, and you will love to flaunt it wherever you go. Also, the bag is quite spacious, and the color combination is also kind of excellent. There are a lot of pockets in the bag with a zip closure to make it easy for you to departmentalize your stuff as you pack it all in your bag pack.

2. DressBerry White Analogue Watch Mfb-Pn-Pf-Dk2498

Watches are a must have accessory, be it men or women. This is a women’s watch and is quite a fantastic watch. With a branded name and excellent quality, the watch looks quite stylish and is a perfect match to almost all your outfits. The watch also has a warranty and a guarantee period. You can wear this watch with all your dresses and casual outfits. The colors are also amazing. With Jabong coupons, you can now get additional discounts on watches and other accessories as well.

3. RoadsterSquare Sunglasses MFB-PN-PS-B0335

Sunglasses are other essentials in the fashion world. We all own a pair of sunglasses for summer and even otherwise. So, if you are looking to shop for a pair of sunglasses, then this should be the one. This pair of sunglasses is not particularly for a specific gender, and both men and women can try it. It looks quite appealing due to the amazing color shade it has. You can shop this fantastic pair of sunglasses under Jabong offers easily and save some money on the sunglasses as well.

The sunglasses are a perfect match for all sunny day outfits like jeans or top, skirt, shirt, and anything almost.

4. DressBerry Green Solid Handheld Bag

Handbags are so important for women as and when they are on the go. You might need to carry your handbag when you are out a party, at your workplace, or simply traveling. This handbag is a very stylish one and also very much in trend. The handbag looks so stunning and the color is simply beautiful. There are a lot of other colors as well in the range of handbags; however, this one stands out as it is quite sober and will go with almost everything.

5. INVICTUS Black & Brown Reversible Leather Textured Belt

A belt is again a necessity for both men and women. This belt is an excellent choice as it is pure leather and looks great with all your pants and denim as and when you use it. The brand choice is also excellent as the quality of this brand is quite assured, and the color goes with almost everything as well.

6. HRX by Hrithik Roshan Pink Solid Baseball Cap

Just like sunglasses, a cap is also an essential accessory when it’s sunny outside. This cool cap by the brand HRX is again an excellent accessory and looks so trendy as well. It is a must have for all the men out there. Even women can style their causal self with this beautiful and cute cap and look amazing on the go with their t-shirts and jeans attire. Well, with that said, these are some of the best and also the trendiest accessories of all time under Jabong offers. You can purchase all these fashion accessories from Jabong and you will surely love to carry them along as you are on the go. They are amazing in quality and you will never regret buying them no matter what!

Deal of the Day: Celeb Styles at Flat 27% Cashback

Ever wanted to look like your favorite celebrity without spending the money like a celebrity? Talkcharge brings to you a super exciting deal of the day, where you get your celebrity’s style at slashed prices, along with a flat 27% cashback offer. Check out the latest NNNow Offers on our website, wherewith every NNNow Coupon you will get guaranteed cashback of flat 27%.

What’s on offer?

A whole new range of apparels inspired by your favorite celebrities is up for grabs. Be it the sassy Alia Bhatt and her infinite love for all whites, or the charming Varun Dhawan and his all-black style, NNNow offers you exclusive ranges dedicated to them. Check out a wide range of clothing options from top brands like GAP, Aeropostale, U. S. Polo Assn. Denim Co., Flying Machine, Arrow, Elle, and many more. With up to 70%, avail the NNNow Offers for even more discounts on these latest trends. Catch them all before they are gone.

How do NNNow Offers work on Talkcharge?

Talkcharge presents a range of NNNow Coupons, where you can select the one that works the best with your buys. Check out the NNNow Offers under the ‘Offers’ section on the website. Just get the code or activate the cashback offer directly, and Talkcharge will take you straight to NNNow to let you make your purchase. Once the sale has been made, your cashback amount will be added to your Talkcharge Wallet within 2-4 days.

How to avail the deal?

Check out the list of NNNow Offers available, and find the best offer that suits your purchase. Click on ‘GET CODE’ to copy the coupon code, Now go to NNNow and shop from their website. Apply the selected code at checkout and avail the discount.

Or you can click on ‘ACTIVATE CASHBACK’ if there is no code given. Shop from NNNow and avail your cashback & discount offer.

How to redeem the cashback?

Now that you have earned the cashback in your Talkcharge Wallet using NNNow Offers, it is time to redeem it. There are three ways where you can redeem the cashback:

  1. Recharge: Easily recharge your mobile phone, data card, or DTH from operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, Idea, and BSNL, using your earned cashback.
  2. Bill Payments: Use the cashback earned to pay postpaid mobile bills, landline phone bill, electricity bill, gas bill, or water bill.
  3. Gift Cards:  Earned cashback can be used for gift cards for yourself or send it out to your loved ones. Select from options like Pantaloons, Makemytrip, Vero Moda, Bata, Only & Croma, and your gift card is ready.

So what are you waiting for? Shop using NNNow Coupons and step out in style like your favorite celebs!

Hit Dressing Ideas for a Brunch Outing With Your Girl Gang

Brunch Dressing Ideas

So, you are planning an outing with your girl gang? Well, like every outing, you will NOT be having anything ‘GOOD’; Right? Well, joke apart; this is serious girl trouble. Whenever a group outing is there, one cannot find the RIGHT outfit; or the RIGHT accessory or the RIGHT footwear. Well, well, dear girls; worry not! Because we are here with a cool and super-stylish listing of hit dressing ideas. You can follow them and dress-up all cute and gorgeous for an outing with your gang. Finally, before you go berserk with shopping, don’t forget to use the Koovs promo code. After all, sensible shopping is the smartest shopping!

Here The 8 Dressing Ideas for Girls:

1 – Bandeau Top with Stylish Statement Choker!

Flaunt those male-killer collarbones that you have with a bandeau top. You can find many stylish designs online. However, we suggest opting for the Denim Tops as they hug the figure comfortably. They don’t make your skin appear hanging or loose. They comfortably sit over the waistline and make you appear chic and slender. Make the look absolute with a statement choker. The best option from our side is a denim-inspired or denim fabric choker with a simple knot. Grab those stylish goggles you have and get, set & go!

2 – Shift Dress with Sneakers!

Let your legs see the warm and sunny day by wearing a shift dress. Opt for bright popping colours such as Red, Ochre, Yellow and Orange etc. Don’t worry your feet and wear a nice and comfortable pair of girly sneakers. After all, roaming and adventures should never be halted; right? Grab the latest styles without burning your pockets by shopping with Koovs coupon code.

3 – Crop Top with Spaghetti Straps!

Nothing signifies COOL like a crop top with wide spaghetti straps. These are the perfect ‘go-to’ girly dressing essentials that you can combine with endless items. You can wear a front-open Denim Jacket over your shoulders to ward off the unnecessary attention. Roll your unruly and frizzy hair under a bandana and step out in style.

4 – Basic Shorts with a pop of colour.

Choosing something with basic shorts in solid colours? Opt for the eye-popping colours such as neon yellows, Reds and Pinks. They look perfect for a sunny outing and carry the right mix of chic and casual sentiments. You can find many styles such as Sleeveless Turtlenecks, simple cold shoulders and Sensible off shoulders.

5 – Lace Mini Dresses.

These are some things that are never going to be out of fashion. You can wear them on all kinds of informal and casual outings. All you have to do is pay some attention to detail and styling. Opt for the cut-out patterns with frock-style. Go for summer colours such as basic whites, cool blues and serene pastels. Frills and accentuations should be such that movement is not restricted. You can wear them with sneakers or gladiator flats. Opt for some danglers in your ears and bring all your hair on one shoulder to complete the look.

6 – Animal Prints Crop Tops.

Sport your inner spirit animal with the choicest animal prints. You can find an endless array of tops and bottoms in many different colours. Leopard prints and foliage prints are one classic combination that has been ruling the women fashion world since ages. And, worry not, they are trending even now. So, shop a chic strappy crop top in peppy colour and trot in gorgeous platforms.

7 – Shades of Summer:

The summer season is going to kiss all of us goodbye for the current year. So, celebrate the ending of a fun-filled summer with tank tops and shorts. Fringed shorts with tank tops look stylish. Combine the look with chic, colourful sneakers and tinted glasses. Choose some girly shades such as Pinks, Greens, Reds and Oranges. Hit all the popular summer outing hotspots and enjoy with your gang!

8 – Origami Dresses with Laser Cuts:

The laser-cut origami dresses are a perfect summer treat. They are airy and give you a youthful look. They also provide you with freedom of movement and can be worn in a humid climate as well. You can wear sneakers, flats, flip-flops and gladiator sandals with them. We suggest choosing summer shades such as crème, off-white, white, pearly white and beige. You can let your hair assume beach waves and wear small studs in your ears. Keep the makeup and lips minimal and nude, respectively, for a fresh vibe.

So, girlies grab a Koovs discount coupon and buy the RIGHT dress for a casual outing with your gang. Happy Summer!!

How to Plan a Long Vacation with Kids?

If you are planning to travel with kids to some faraway place, then you need an immaculate plan. From choosing the destination to accommodations and activities; take your decisions wisely. Going on a long trip with kids can easily become the worst nightmare of your life. From cranky whining sessions to lack of proper food, there can be endless issues!

Therefore, we have compiled this list of tips for the parents wishing to travel with kids. You can read it carefully for making your vacation with kids worthwhile.

1 – Choose a safe destination:

Always go for a safe destination that doesn’t come with a lot of risks. Try to avoid the off-beat places that have smaller tourist traffic. These places might not have all kinds of amenities or facilities available everywhere. Choosing a busy tourist destination will have its own advantages. There will be no scarcity of good accommodations. You can find all kinds of help at any time. For example, instead of choosing the Maldives that requires speed boat for commuting with the mainland, you can choose some other beach destination. If budget is the main idea behind your choice, you can do the bookings with Travelyaari Offers.

2 – Pack a lot of clothes:

Unless you are planning to wash your clothes on your vacation, pack a lot. Kids get their clothes dirty and messy easily. You will require a change of clothes many times a day. Hence, pack accordingly. If you stay at reputed hotels that provide laundry facilities, you can easily wash clothes. Otherwise, pack a lot of clothes.

3 – Packed and dry food items:

Your kid might get fussy and cranky owing to hunger at any time. This can happen literally anytime; even when you are enjoying a cable car ride. To save embarrassment; stares of the fellow travelers and ruining the fun, carry some packed foodstuff. Dry fruits, bars, snacks, wafers, biscuits and fruit bread, etc. are some good options. You can also carry some fruit that doesn’t get stale easily.

4 – Choose the activities wisely:

Always choose the activities wisely such that one parent can sit and monitor the kids while one is away. Until and unless you have some other family member you can trust, never leave your kids alone. From abductions to losing, anything can happen that will not only ruin your vacation; but can also lead to a huge loss.

5 – Choose Hotels instead of Camps:

You might be an adventurous soul that loves staying under the stars, witnessing the majestic hills and forests in their full glory. But your kids might not like it. Also, it is not so safe with kids. Any insect bite can instantly spoil the fun and call for instant packing and leaving the site. So, keep the camping plans for later, when you travel alone. When you travel with kids, always choose regular accommodation. You can also book some child-friendly resort without burning your pockets. Choose some coupon code for Travelyaari and find some amazing hotels.

6 – Carrying First Aid box is essential:

You must never travel without a first-aid box. You must carry all the basic medicines you might need. You might not find the medicine in a new place that your kid takes when he falls sick. Carry a good insect repellent; mosquito spray; fever and cold medicines. You should also carry some band-aids and general oral and topical antibiotics for kids and adults.

7 – Keep some toys and books handy:

If your kids can read, then carry some books with you. The long plane journeys can get boring after some time. You should also carry some toys for your kids that can help them pass some time. Puzzles are also a good option. You can also opt for carrying some audio-books for your kids. They can listen to stories and rhymes on their way and will fall asleep soon.

8 – Carry some wipes no matter what!

The wipes are the best solution for dealing with every messy episode. From dirt to basic cleansing and wiping faces to taking care of outdoor potty episodes; they will help you a lot. So, carry a big packet that can get you through your vacation easily.

9 – Carrying an electric kettle:

Carrying a small electrical kettle will allow you to accomplish lots of things. You can get warm water and milk anytime you want. You can cook instant noodles in it. You can also make some coffee or tea in it. You can also make your kids’ favorite soups and other such small things in it. We hope that these tips help you plan a wonderful vacation with your kids. So, pack your bags and tread the globe with TravelYaari Coupon Codes. Travel Yaari discount coupons can save you up from Rs 200 to Rs 2000 on your bus bookings.

Best Buys For Your Marriage Trousseau!

“Something Old and Something New; Something Borrowed and Something Blue” – we have all heard this phrase! Some have heard it in the famous TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And, some have heard it from their grannies and mommies.

Well, even if you have not heard anything about it, we are going to explain it. This phrase enlists the essential items a bride needs to make her transition into the wedded life. This post is dedicated to this phrase so that we can tell you how to get these things and which ones can you choose!

1 – Something Old:

To have ‘Something Old’ you can take inspirations from Isha Ambani. She wore her mother’s sari as a dupatta over her shoulder. The distinct vermillion touch added a bridal look to her otherwise light-colored outfit and even enhanced the overall look. You can also opt for some heirloom from your mother or grandmother.

Gowns, wedding dresses, garters, jewellery, hankies, and veil, etc., can also be considered to fit into this criterion. The ‘Something Old’ can be stylish as well; such as a vintage accessory or dressing essential your elder family member has.

2 – Something New:

The ‘Something New’ for your bridal appearance can be anything. You will be wearing many new things on your wedding day. All of them come under this category. From your dress to your footwear; jewellery to accessories and even your handbag – you will be using everything new. However, to make your ‘Something New’ stand out and appear extra special, you can opt for wearing a ‘tag’ and clicking some photos with the same. You can also opt for some unique and fun photos in which you are actually pointing out the ‘Something New’.

For example, you can lift your wedding gown a little bit up and flaunt your footwear. Or, you can point your perky fingers to your dress and your bridesmaids can carry the tag. To make your ‘Something New’ more affordable, you can use coupons for Tata CliQ. Assorted ethnic footwear collection available there will make your special day stylish. So, choose some lovely footwear and put a stylish foot forward as a new bride.

3 – Something Borrowed:

And, you can obviously take something as a loan from your friends or family members. It can be anything that you have been eyeing for quite some time now. For example, you can take a bracelet on loan from your elder sister or cousins. You can take some exquisite jewellery piece from any family member or friend.

Click some photos with fun poses such as you clutching that ‘Something Borrowed’ and the lender frowning over it. You can also click a shot you running away with that ‘loan’ and the lender chasing you. Wedding albums should be filled with fun photos and not just traditional boring shots.

4 – Something Blue:

To get your ‘something blue’ you have an ample number of options. From white accessories to flowers to dressing essentials – you can opt for anything. Wear jewellery that has a blue undertone to flaunt your ‘something blue’ with pride and joy. You can also wear sandals that are contrasting with your dress. Furthermore, the sandals will be hidden under your dress; so you don’t have to worry.

Many Indian brides are also quitting the typical bridal colors and opting for wedding attire that stands out. So, get your ‘something blue’ dose perfect with the Tata Cliq Coupon Codes to get instant discount offers. The coupons will help you save money as well.

From the bridal garters to dresses and sandals to accessories, you can opt for anything. Buy a Lehenga in a wonderful shade of blue. Or, you can buy footwear in various shades of blue. Bangles, jewellery, rings, bags, hairpins and any other item can be bought in this color.

You can also go for wearing a denim jacket over your wedding outfit for clicking some unconventional pictures. After all, you have to have your share of fun and happiness on your special day. So, ladies, we hope that you like this unique ‘bridal trousseau’ compilation for making the traditions as exciting and as fun as they can be!

Perfect Rakhi Gift for your Sister

Rakhi is the celebration that commands the bond among sibling and sister. This celebration is commended with bunches of fervor consistently. The unexpected endowments and the wistful incentive behind them make the celebration truly astounding. In the event that you additionally want to give some blessing to your sister, at that point read the accompanying post. We have aggregated a rundown of the best blessings that you can give on this Rakhi and make your Rakhi an extraordinary undertaking!


Your sister will definitely cherish this blessing. Indeed, there are not many ladies that can say no to it. You can be presenting arm ornaments, anklets, hoops, rings and even coat suggests or sticks. You can pick the adornments according to her taste and way of life also. Silver, Gold and Diamond or valuable stones – there are numerous alternatives accessible. You can likewise look for assistance from your mom in settling on a shrewd buy choice. 


Young ladies love to have dresses and they can never have enough of them. They want to doll-up in beautiful dresses that supplement their looks. Thus, get some great dress for her. Nonetheless, do not turn out badly with the purchasing choice, consider her preferences. You can discover a wide range of ladies dress on the web and get them utilizing the treats, for example, Yepme offers and Yepme coupon codes.

You can also compile a big bundle for her and make a cute gift hamper with 3 or 4 pieces of clothing. Or, you can also shop a complete look for your lovable sister. Yepme online shopping experience becomes even better once you apply these Yepme promo codes.


If she loves reading books, then you should present your sister a book as a Rakhi gift. You could give any book from fiction, horror, comics, cookbooks, religious, history and other genres. Or, you can randomly ask her about the book she wants to read and gift it to her. Find an old edition of a favorite book of hers and gift it. You can also buy a leatherback edition of some novels and give as a gift. Readers love leatherback editions.


A wristwatch is also a good option. Watch is an ideal gift for Rakhi, wedding, and birthday you could give this gift voucher on any type of occasion. She will love this gift item. You can buy some watch and even get it customized if you are willing to take an extra step. Elsewhere, you can opt for other wide range of products with this option rooting for some ethnic wear or even some fancy shoe sandals.


Does your sister love mobile, camera, headphones or a smart speaker? If yes, then give your sister any gadget that she doesn’t have. Or, you can also gift her, the latest accessory for her gadget. You can also opt for gifting a subscription of her favorite online entertainment channel as well. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar, etc are some names.

Personal Care Item Hamper:

You can give her a big hamper of branded personal care products as well. If she has an interest in cosmetics and getting dolled up, she is surely going to love it. Don’t worry, because you can get all the things without breaking your bank balances. How? You can shop using Big-Bazaar coupon code and several other BigBazaar offers to enjoy huge savings on every order.


You can present your sister with some handbag or wallet. So many varieties of attractive purses are available in the market and online. A girl can never ever have too many handbags or shoes. Though it is difficult to buy shoes for someone, buying a handbag is easy. You can browse the top brands and give her a gift that she will sport a lot. Put to use some alluring combo offers and promo codes to grab the top choice in your list.


Girls love perfumes and rich essences as well. There is a big range of perfumes in the market. Without any doubt, you can buy for your sister a perfume. She will surely love this gift. To make gifting even better, choose some good brand. Chanel, Gucci and Bvlgari are some suggestions.


Sunglasses are in trend these days. Different designs of sunglasses are available in the market. Get some amazing sunglasses for her. Cat eye, aviators, round-shaped, butterfly and rectangular-shaped sunglasses are the most popular ones.

Men and women both benefit out of these shopping hacks. One can also opt for formal shoes – both for gents and women footwear – to offer as another choice of presents. Yepme shoes are in trend the talk of the town among hundreds that are overwhelmed by their collection and designs.

Well, that is all we have from our side. What are you going to gift her this Rakhi?