Top Luxury Hotels in Delhi to Experience the Best Stay

If you are planning to visit Delhi anytime soon, then staying in a hotel must be on your checklist. Finding hotels can be challenging; however, if you have made up your mind on staying in the most luxurious hotels in Delhi, then you have come to the right place. Here is the list of the top luxury hotels in Delhi, which will make you want to stay in all the time.

Top Luxury Hotels in Delhi

Taj Palace Hotel

As the name suggests, the Taj Palace hotel is indeed one of the largest hotel in Delhi with assured luxury accommodation for all its guests. There are almost 402 rooms in the hotel, and they have been categorized in various classes, including the executive suites, club rooms, garden suite, club executive suite, grand luxury suite, presidential suite, and many more. Also, the hotel has amazing in-house restaurants, which include Orient express, Kafe Fotana, The Blue Ginger, and Masala. All of them serve amazing and delicious delicacies and have the best chefs from all around the world.

Hyatt Regency Hotel

This name is another addition in the luxury hotels in Delhi with the finest services and a five star collar. They have the most comfortable accommodation for their guests, along with almost 517 rooms. The rooms have been classified according to the budget and the needs of the guests, including suite terrace, twin room, king room, executive suite, diplomat suite, premier suite, presidential suite, view twin, club twin, view king, and many more as well. There are a lot of in-house restaurants as well, along with other modern facilities and features. You can dine and have breakfast at the China kitchen bar, Sidewalk, La Piazza, The China Kitchen, Pool Bar, Aangan, and many more as well.

JW Marriott Hotel

Again a five star hotel with almost 511 rooms in the hotel premises for all its guests. The hotel features amazing personalized service, and the location of the hotel is fabulous with a connection to famous attractions of the city and market place as well. The rooms are so luxurious and feature marble floor bathrooms, minibars, free Wi-Fi, indulgent bedding, and 24-hour room service, which is impeccable. There are five remarkable restaurants in the hotel that offer the finest cuisines from Japan, Korea, China, and of course, India. You can also relax at the upscale day spa of the hotel with the best massages and organic regimes.

The Oberoi

The Oberoi is one of the most sophisticated luxury hotels in Delhi, which offers exquisite service and has the finest architecture and interiors. You can experience the best cuisines at the hotel from all around the world, along with personalized service, rooftop dining, and a fabulous art gourmet store as well. If you are looking to book a room at these hotels, you can select one of these hotels from Goibibo offers. Also, you can save with some amazing deals and by using the various Goibibo promo code for hotel.

ITC Maurya Hotel

With a five star facility, ITC Maurya Hotel offers premium services and iconic rooms to its guests. The suites of the hotel are uniquely designed and have been categories according to the needs and the budget of the guests as well. The hotel incorporates hospitality like no one else, and the interiors and architecture of the hotel are nothing but elegant. With a number of facilities including a flat screen television, free tea and coffee, mineral water, and a personal minibar, the hotel offers tranquility and opulence in the best way.

With an outdoor pool, 24-hour room service, an amazing spa by the name Kaya Kalp, etc. the hotel is the right choice for you to stay if you want to experience luxury firsthand. The hotel also offers rooftop dining and the finest of cuisines as well. You can enjoy North Indian food, grilled food items, Awadhi cuisines, and so much. They also have a fitness center, meeting rooms, Golf bar, a library, a business center, a waterside bar, and even babysitting services. These are some of the best and top luxury hotels in Delhi. If you want, you can book your room at one of these hotels in Delhi from Goibibo offers. Goibibo also has some amazing deals and discounts, and you can save a few bucks on them as well.

Smartphone Features In 2019

Smartphones are an ever-trending product in electronics segment. However, with constant and dynamic inventions in the field of technology, you could get baffled while making the correct choice. Choosing gets all the more complicated, as e-commerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Tatacliq offers competitive price deals. A superior multimedia capability, a stronger connectivity, a captivating CPU performance and an enthralling design -every phone specializes in something or the other.

A rapid growth of the information sector has augmented the smartphone industry multifold. The upgrades made by each brand are no more on an elementary level. In recent times, the newer features introduced by these companies are often revolutionary. The year 2019 can be expected to be no different. Hence, let us take a look at how the year 2019 is going to change our experience with smartphones.

Display Intensive Design

As activities like video gaming and watching movies are shifting almost completely onto mobile platforms, a need for a suitable display is getting critical. Mobile devices will not entirely replace PCs in terms of DPI, aspect ratio and color depth, however, it needs to evolve to fit the needs. In 2019, certain brands will try precisely so. A bigger and better display.

The two most prominent designs we are expecting to see are the foldable design and secondary screen attachment. The foldable screen design will initially sport a compact screen to fit in one hand. However, if required, you can fold open the screen and almost double the display. Everytime you switch from one size to the other, your OS and interface will adjust accordingly. Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei: Mate X have already cashed in on this feature, and we can expect other brands to catch on as the year passes by.

The foldable display also takes an interesting turn with the Motorola: Foldable Razr. Although there is quite some time in the release of this phone, just the idea of the iconic Motorola Fold is too much to resist. When unfolded the phone gives a full, single display, however, from the middle it folds and turns into the classic look of Motorola Razr.

Whilst Motorola went ahead with their signature fold, Vivo, with Nex2 introduced a slide. A normal fullscreen display with a sliding out secondary display. The front camera is attached to the secondary display, leaving room for end-to-end display on the top screen without any interruption.

The final interesting option of display is the secondary screen attachment. With this feature you use your primary phone as the main display screen, whereas, you can attach a secondary screen and use it as your console. When it comes to gaming this design will prove to be an absolute brilliance. LG has already moved ahead with this feature in their V50 ThinQ 5G model.

5G Phones

We are done with 3G, done with 4G and now it’s time to move on to 5G. Although, a full-fledged 5G connection will need our country to lay out a supporting infrastructure. Considering such in mind, the peak phase of 5G phones have yet some time to kick in. Having said so, 2019 is expected to be the culmination of this revolution. LG, OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi are already set for their 5G variant in 2019. Make sure you stay updated on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Tata Cliq offers on smartphones, to get the best deals on their release.

Multiple Camera

Alongside display the other fan favorite feature of smartphones is the camera feature. The dual camera feature is already in existence, but now, it’s time to combine multiple cameras. With superior lenses, higher mega-pixel, advanced video codecs and Full HD recording, smartphone cameras have started to yield professional level output. As a matter of fact, certain smartphones are even preferred  over mid-range DSLRs for digital filmmaking. Henceforth, it seems only logical that phone brands would focus to upgrade on camera features. Google, Samsung, OPPO and Huawei are the front liners in the matter.

Although the camera, connectivity and display changes are going to be revolutionary, the Smartphones of 2019 are going to have overall modifications. Increased battery power, higher Memory abilities, in-display finger print scanners, wireless charging and so-on.

Now if you are going to get the best, you will have to shell out some money. It’s cutting edge technology afterall. It won’t come cheap. However, stay updated with e-commerce sites and find the best deals they have to offer. Additionally browse through the coupon services such as Talkcharge to cash in extra discounts and cashbacks, and fetch the maximum savings possible.

3 Tips To Book The Best Couple Friendly Stay

Couple Friendly Stay

There are a lot of things in life that grows to be a milestone in the landscape of your thoughts. These are the circumstances that will still produce a smile on your face or make you glow, or shed a few drops of a tear to your sore eyes. Spending quality time with your loved ones is undoubtedly among those milestones, particularly the ones you enjoy as a couple.

One may undergo a couple holiday for several reasons, but it should primarily be shaped with the primary thought of improving your bonding, spending some amazing time together, having a fresh start and fall in love with each other once again.

To achieve this, there is no particular formula. Instead, every couple attaches distinctly and hence travel plans should be modified to suit your concerns and desires.

1. Safety first is Safety Always

Even though you will be residing in a couple friendly hotels just for a few days, that place has to be your safe house. Your safety while you stay at hotel and the safeguard of your belongings completely depends upon the administration of the hotel where you would be staying.

Even though you will be residing in a couple friendly hotels just for a few days, that place has to be your safe house. Your safety while you stay at hotel and the safeguard of your belongings completely depends upon the administration of the hotel where you would be staying.

Vacation hotels and stays for unmarried couples know Indian Jurisdiction and dwell by it with full respect. Instead of being judgemental, they will give you a safe and relaxing stay for you to relish a holiday with your partner.

Oyo coupons some of the best couple friendly hotels across India which can be checked on their website/app along with pleasant experience. Further, you can explore Oyo Assured hotels as well for an add on in your stay experience.

2. How Pocket-Friendly is a couple stay?

It is a common assumption that couple hotels are priced high as they are always in high demand. But on the contrast, a hotel for local couples can be made to fit into different budget options. Depending upon the kind of holiday you are intending and the budget you have set out for it, you can always find a pleasant stay where you can experience a peaceful stay.

Make good use of travel apps, and other online booking platforms to find the best price. For now, Oyo coupons will provide you 25% off on couple check-ins.

When seeking hotel deals. You will be pleasingly surprised to see the numerous discounts, complimentary services and other freebies they reward you to make your stay all the more exciting and pocket-friendly. With all these offers your stay decision will not just take care of your holiday but leave you with some enjoyable moments.

3. Privacy is your utmost Priority

For all the couples who are preparing for a getaway together; something they will be eagerly looking forward to is obviously ‘privacy and comfort.’ And these hotels do understand the demand for it and deeply respect it.

When you choose a hotel especially made for the couples, you will understand how right your choice was.

Being in India, privacy can be quickly interrupted accidentally and without even realizing. Book a stay that is couple friendly and enjoy your vacation harmoniously. Also, do make sure to check the review of the hotel before proceeding for the booking and the same can be confirmed by reaching out to the hotel directly as well. Hope this helps to improve your experience while you plan to book your Hotel next time.

Amazing Eye Wear Styles That You Can Look Forward in 2019

Amazing Eye Wear Styles

What accessory is the best that refreshes your fashion as fast as possible? It is nothing but a pair of classy or trendy sunglasses. This is a must-have accessory for fashion lovers to complement their regular style statement. You can have glasses with prescribed lenses or plain while walking down the street; trendy eye-catchy sunglasses will definitely make a person look at you twice.

This year you will be able to see a lot of stylish designs of goggles and eyewear. These designs promise to favor the bold look. Moreover, you can also get gold of revamped shades of classy designs and retro look. Grab your new pair of chic sunglasses by using Coolwinks coupon code.

Eye Wear Fashion Trends for 2019

The designs come as cat-eye, geometrical, oversized, slim, wayfarer, and different details are all ready to make your 2019 much more fashionable and modern. All the designs are made for women and men. For instance, you can go for a transparent pick to give a subtle look, colored theme for stylish fashion garments. Moreover, you can also get a bit of dramatic look with professional red shades with thinner gold frames.

How to Comprehend the Eye Wear Trends

Clear frame glasses:

These are trending this year. The clear plastic has attracted the eyes of the fashion minds, and they have delivered a classic frame that goes well with all sorts of the outfit. These frames are here to make a longer living in the fashion world. This subtle looking frame has drawn the attention of a lot of millennial eyewear lovers. The aspect of being colorless makes it feel bold than the other existing styles.

Pastel Pink Shades:

After the transparent glasses, come the pink frames. Whether it is a sunglass or plain lens, pink color has proposed a sensation. These shades have a toned down look and are a perfect match for daily use. The pastel pink color looks crafty and offers a superb contrast with an elegant combination and bright garments.

Tortoise Shell Glasses:

Tortoiseshell glasses come in unusual patterns and will become tour best friend for this year. The look is trendy and gives you proper professional attention. You can get an endless assortment of colors, and many designs match with hairstyle and skin tone. Teal and light blue colors look marvelous with all the tortoiseshell combinations. Interested? Get hold of cool winks offers and get discounts on specific designs and shades.

Leopard Print Glasses:

It is a showstopper frame, and it speaks for itself. The dapper shade will complement professional, party, and other events. The basic color combination is black and yellow. Men and women can go for different styles. Women can consider a bigger frame while men can experiment with wayfarer style.

Frames and shades come every year. What matters is how we use them and make a style statement. It does not matter whether you wear a plain glass or a sun-glass, make sure you wear the right size, color as per your facial shape and skin tone. Regular spectacles are no longer boring ones, and hence you can style every day.

Here’s How You Can Create Your Office Look With Yepme

office wears

If you are thinking of how not to look like a regular, boring office employee, then you should look through these office wear ideas for women. Sometimes it’s quite tough to choose an outfit that is both classy and sophisticated. Yepme has a great collection of formal and casual dresses. Also, they have a plethora of accessories for you to choose from and create the perfect office look for yourself.

If you want to figure out how to dress and look professional as well as comfortable, then we’ve got some style secrets to share with you.

Straight Pants

You need a pair of very straight pants, make sure they are comfortable. You have to sit all day long in these formal pants; therefore, comfort is very important. You can style them with shirts, tops or even with a kurta. This can be a nice option if you like to keep a minimal closet. These pants are quite versatile and can be worn with a number of tops and shirts.

Crop Pants

Crop pants look very stylish and can be a great part of the formal look. You can carry these kinds of pants with a shirt. Also, you can complete the look by adding a blazer on them. They will look perfect when paired with heels. You can pull it off on Fridays or any informal events. You can get everything required to create this look from Yepme at a very economical rate. You can avail some Coupons and save a few bucks with Yepme Coupons.


Keeping 2 or 3 pairs of different flats in your closet can be perfect. They are simple and stylish so you can pair them with a lot of things. Moreover, the flats are very comfortable so they will never annoy you. You have to walk all day with the same footwear. Even if you wear them for 8 hours straight, you may not feel uncomfortable.


Keep twotwo pairs of blazers in your closet. Choose something which fits you well because tight blazers just don’t look good. Make sure you get something which is nicely fitted and again something you will be comfortable wearing. It is advisable to keep a black and grey blazer for your office look. They are available in a plethora of options, and Yepme has one of the best formal collections.


You should at least have a pair of skirts in your wardrobe. Girls don’t usually wear formal skirts, but keeping 1 pair with you can help you make a comfortable and stylish look at an official event. When you buy a skirt, make sure to check if it is comfortable because you might end up sitting in them for around 8 hours or even more. Try to go for a straight black skirt as it will work with everything you wear. Make sure it isn’t too tight or loose. Otherwise, it can make you uncomfortable. As it is the winter season, you can also pair tights with your skirt for a warm and comfortable time in the office.


The most important accessory for both men and women is a watch. Whether you are a working professional or a college student, a watch is something which glorifies your look and at the same time will add some points of sincerity to your personality. You can go for a plain leather belt watch or a metal watch. Try not to wear fancy and chunky watches in your office.

You can choose the best office wear watches at very affordable prices using Yepme Offers.

If your office has some specific rules about the outfit, for example- you have to wear Indian dresses. For that also, you can check Yepme because they have an extensive collection of Indian dresses which includes Kurtas, palazzos, suit set and so on.

Air Travelling Just Got Easier With Air India: Here’s How

Air India is run by India Express Limited, which has an expertise in providing the best customer services. They have been in this business for a very long time now. Thus, they are well aware of all the significant points that are essential to be the best services provider. Air India has its headquarters in Kochi which is in Kerala and has flights that visit over 50 domestic and international destinations. Air India is a big name in the airline industry and mentioned below are the reasons why it is considered one of the top airlines in India.

Customer Service

Air India is known for the services it provides to its customers. They have their work and value ethics which they strictly follow. Not even a single guest goes unnoticed. They try to meet all their customers’ needs and requirements at their earliest. Air India’s priority is to give their guests the best experience.

Thus, Air India dominates this sector of the market. They are not only popular but also make flight seats available at affordable rates as it is a low-cost airline. Travelling is made cost-efficient by Air India express. Moreover, by applying Air India Express Coupons you can enjoy a number of great Deals and Offers.


At the time of recruitment, the cabin crew is selected very consciously. Their training involves certain steps that the employees have to follow to serve their customers. The entire crew works together to maintain the reputation and the goodwill of the airlines. Air India Express team is working 24*7 to bring the best facilities and services to the travellers.

They are well coordinated and deal with all the problems professionally without any chaos or disturbance. Thus, this airline is highly appreciated by the travellers for its teamwork in giving the best.

Communication skills

Communication skills are essential when it comes to providing good service. Even trying to provide the best service is of no use whatsoever if you cannot communicate with the passengers correctly. Thus, this aspect has always been kept in mind by the Air India Express recruiters. They shortlist only those who are well versed with the English language. Reason being, almost everyone understands this language and or at least the necessary words which would help them to communicate.

Thus, the team in the air or on the ground have the ideal skill required for communication. They are experts in interacting with the customers to give them the best services.

Friendly and positive environment

Some travellers have to sit for over 24 hours in the flight to reach their destination. Air India Express is an expert in maintaining a good atmosphere for the customers and also for the staff as well. A positive and vibrant environment of the aircraft enables the team to give their 100 per cent in work and serve the customers better.

This enhances the customer experience and creates a strong customer base for the airlines. Customers feel comfortable, and the best services attract them towards these airlines for travelling. You can also search for various Air India Express Offers to make your travelling experience more cost-efficient and amazing.

Travelling is made easy by Air India Express. This stands like a strong pillar in the market and is always ready to serve customers with their best services.

Here Are 5 Fashion Tips If You Have A Wedding To Attend

It’s that time of the year again when the New Year setting in and wedding bells start ringing. With every passing winter, the number of marriages keep increasing in the season. You might also have a few friends getting married this year. Have you planned what your outfit for the marriage will be? If not, don’t worry, Craftsvilla has got your back. With a fantastic ethnic collection and Craftsvilla coupons, shop all your needs at a discounted rate here.

There are several online platforms with the ability to serve all your dressing needs this winter and throughout the year. Wedding shopping can sometimes be very tiring and could go on for long. All you need to do is log in to these online platforms. You can shop sitting right in the luxury of your home on your smartphone or laptop.

In this article, we will talk about fashion tips you should consider in this wedding season.

Get your saree on point

Online fashion stores have a wide range of sarees just perfect for a wedding. From designer sarees to daily wear sarees They have it all. If you are planning to wear a saree on your friend’s wedding, it should be perfect.

From different prices to different qualities and different colours, you can find it all under one roof. If you are worried about the expenses, you can avail Craftsvilla offers to enable you to a vast range of Discounts.

Don’t forget the matching jewellery

After you have selected your saree, you would want to buy matching jewellery as well. Don’t worry, no need to go outdoors. This store again has a huge variety of jewellery which you will love.

Jewellery is something which compliments your outfit and you would not want to make the wrong choice with it. This store understands that and makes available to you the best quality and designs of jewellery.

If not a saree, will a dress work for you?

Okay, so you are not a saree person. This store makes available to you a vast variety of dresses. So what if you don’t know how to drape a saree? Wear a suit to your friend’s wedding and make heads turn as you go.

It is a time of destination weddings. A cool place with soothing lights and good ambience is just the thing you want. The wedding is not only special for the people getting married, but it’s also more like a party and joyous time for the ones attending it as well. Rock the destination wedding in Goa; wear a beautiful tunic available online at a very affordable price.


Consider these tips while shopping for your friend’s wedding and look your best. It’s not only about looking good but you also about feeling good. Shop under one roof for all your wedding needs, enough of getting tired before the wedding. Save your energy so that you can enjoy to the fullest.