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What’s on offer?

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How do NNNow Offers work on Talkcharge?

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How to avail the deal?

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How to redeem the cashback?

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Hit Dressing Ideas for a Brunch Outing With Your Girl Gang

Brunch Dressing Ideas

So, you are planning an outing with your girl gang? Well, like every outing, you will NOT be having anything ‘GOOD’; Right? Well, joke apart; this is serious girl trouble. Whenever a group outing is there, one cannot find the RIGHT outfit; or the RIGHT accessory or the RIGHT footwear. Well, well, dear girls; worry not! Because we are here with a cool and super-stylish listing of hit dressing ideas. You can follow them and dress-up all cute and gorgeous for an outing with your gang. Finally, before you go berserk with shopping, don’t forget to use the Koovs promo code. After all, sensible shopping is the smartest shopping!

Here The 8 Dressing Ideas for Girls:

1 – Bandeau Top with Stylish Statement Choker!

Flaunt those male-killer collarbones that you have with a bandeau top. You can find many stylish designs online. However, we suggest opting for the Denim Tops as they hug the figure comfortably. They don’t make your skin appear hanging or loose. They comfortably sit over the waistline and make you appear chic and slender. Make the look absolute with a statement choker. The best option from our side is a denim-inspired or denim fabric choker with a simple knot. Grab those stylish goggles you have and get, set & go!

2 – Shift Dress with Sneakers!

Let your legs see the warm and sunny day by wearing a shift dress. Opt for bright popping colours such as Red, Ochre, Yellow and Orange etc. Don’t worry your feet and wear a nice and comfortable pair of girly sneakers. After all, roaming and adventures should never be halted; right? Grab the latest styles without burning your pockets by shopping with Koovs coupon code.

3 – Crop Top with Spaghetti Straps!

Nothing signifies COOL like a crop top with wide spaghetti straps. These are the perfect ‘go-to’ girly dressing essentials that you can combine with endless items. You can wear a front-open Denim Jacket over your shoulders to ward off the unnecessary attention. Roll your unruly and frizzy hair under a bandana and step out in style.

4 – Basic Shorts with a pop of colour.

Choosing something with basic shorts in solid colours? Opt for the eye-popping colours such as neon yellows, Reds and Pinks. They look perfect for a sunny outing and carry the right mix of chic and casual sentiments. You can find many styles such as Sleeveless Turtlenecks, simple cold shoulders and Sensible off shoulders.

5 – Lace Mini Dresses.

These are some things that are never going to be out of fashion. You can wear them on all kinds of informal and casual outings. All you have to do is pay some attention to detail and styling. Opt for the cut-out patterns with frock-style. Go for summer colours such as basic whites, cool blues and serene pastels. Frills and accentuations should be such that movement is not restricted. You can wear them with sneakers or gladiator flats. Opt for some danglers in your ears and bring all your hair on one shoulder to complete the look.

6 – Animal Prints Crop Tops.

Sport your inner spirit animal with the choicest animal prints. You can find an endless array of tops and bottoms in many different colours. Leopard prints and foliage prints are one classic combination that has been ruling the women fashion world since ages. And, worry not, they are trending even now. So, shop a chic strappy crop top in peppy colour and trot in gorgeous platforms.

7 – Shades of Summer:

The summer season is going to kiss all of us goodbye for the current year. So, celebrate the ending of a fun-filled summer with tank tops and shorts. Fringed shorts with tank tops look stylish. Combine the look with chic, colourful sneakers and tinted glasses. Choose some girly shades such as Pinks, Greens, Reds and Oranges. Hit all the popular summer outing hotspots and enjoy with your gang!

8 – Origami Dresses with Laser Cuts:

The laser-cut origami dresses are a perfect summer treat. They are airy and give you a youthful look. They also provide you with freedom of movement and can be worn in a humid climate as well. You can wear sneakers, flats, flip-flops and gladiator sandals with them. We suggest choosing summer shades such as crème, off-white, white, pearly white and beige. You can let your hair assume beach waves and wear small studs in your ears. Keep the makeup and lips minimal and nude, respectively, for a fresh vibe.

So, girlies grab a Koovs discount coupon and buy the RIGHT dress for a casual outing with your gang. Happy Summer!!

8 Spicy Burger Items to Spice up Your Evening

Burgers are one of the common food items that come to mind when one thinks of evening snacks. They are crispy; they are crunchy; what’s more? They are a foodie’s delight.

spicy burger

There are numerous reasons to try out this yummy treat. However, you need to choose the right item to light up your evening. These spicy burger items will not only spice up your evening but also give you a scoop of how delicious burgers can get.

1. Aloo Tikki Burger

You may have tasted bread and sauce before in a raw form. However, that combination just offers a basic taste. It is nowhere close to what a bread item can offer when topped up with a combo of  minced vegetables.

Potato curry placed between two pieces of buns may sound commonplace on pen and paper. However, in reality, its taste can give you a run for the money. This is what you get when you much at Aloo Tikki burger. You may have had a burger in western style. If you are looking for a change, then this is an ideal option for you.

2. Classic veg burger

They say “Old is gold”, and this holds absolutely true in the context of a burger. Classic burgers have been all the rage in the past. You might wonder how things have shaped up after the introduction to the newer variants of burgers. Interestingly, a burger in its simple form is still popular among those who cannot live without burgers.

Classic burgers are prepared in the old school style. In its general form, it involves minced flavoured vegetable alongside lettuce and mayo.

3. Cheese burger

Imagine the prospect of biting at bread crumbs with cheese in between. The spread of cheese makes it mouth-watering, and the curry with comes along with it makes it further interesting. Chipotle mayonnaise in combination with lettuce makes all the difference.

This version of the burger can be found at most food joints. So, even as you are not proficient with the preparation of a burger, you can still have it as and when you feel like having it. One of the best options to have it is KFC. With KFC Saturday offers, you can save money by ordering this item. So, do not forget to check your eligibility for the offer.

4. Classic chicken burger

Chicken items are never obsolete, no matter whichever dish you order or cook. And they are tasty as well. It is the mouth-watering taste of chicken item which can inspire anyone who does not have a fondness for pizza to start liking it.

What makes a chicken burger so special? It is the manner in which it is dressed. Besides, it also involves deep fried chicken patty with lettuce and mayo.

5. Tandoori chicken burger

You may have heard about chicken tandoor. But what about a tandoori chicken burger? At the outset, you may start searching for a parallel between the chicken burger and chicken tandoori. Because the former is made with tandoori masala, it tastes somewhat similarity with the latter.

If this sounds like a good reason for you to explore the burger version of tandoori chicken, you would be delighted to know that version with bread crumbs also involves deep fried chicken which is well dressed along with onion ring.

6. Chicken cheese

This item, unlike other chicken burgers, consists of the goodness of cheese alongside the chicken. The addition of cheese can make any item creamy. This item has a creamy appearance to it. It looks like a red greasy chicken which has the magical combo of lettuce and chipotle mayo. The only difference between chicken pizza and cheese chicken pizza lies in the presence of cheese. This also accounts for the creamy appearance in between both the bread crumbs.

7. Veg-non veg combo burger

If you are fond of chicken and wish to experiment how it tastes in conjunction with veg items, a combo burger which involves chicken item as well as vegetables is what you may want to try out. The best part about this burger is that it consists of all kinds of chicken – minced chicken, chicken cheese, marinated chicken – all in one package. Plus, the combination of vegetables delivers the extra punch.

8. Fish burger

Finally, some fish item for those who love fish. Wondering what it may taste like? Before you find it out, imagine how fried fish tastes. It is crispy, it is crunchy, it is delicious! A fish burger is for every part, as yummy, as crunchy and as crispy as crispy fried fish would taste like. If you have a liking for fish items and do not mind trying something unique, you should definitely lay your hands on this one.


If you have come this far, you may have already come to know how many burger options exist on this planet. Yet, these are just a handful of options. There are many more. With burgers, the biggest benefit is that you can experiment. Put anything delicious or spicy in between two crumbs of bread, and you have something which can soothe your tongue in the best possible manner. If the aforementioned burger items have whet up your appetite, then it’s high time you headed to one of the renowned food outlets in your locality and tasted it yourself. You wouldn’t be disappointed.

How to Plan a Long Vacation with Kids?

If you are planning to travel with kids to some faraway place, then you need an immaculate plan. From choosing the destination to accommodations and activities; take your decisions wisely. Going on a long trip with kids can easily become the worst nightmare of your life. From cranky whining sessions to lack of proper food, there can be endless issues!

Therefore, we have compiled this list of tips for the parents wishing to travel with kids. You can read it carefully for making your vacation with kids worthwhile.

1 – Choose a safe destination:

Always go for a safe destination that doesn’t come with a lot of risks. Try to avoid the off-beat places that have smaller tourist traffic. These places might not have all kinds of amenities or facilities available everywhere. Choosing a busy tourist destination will have its own advantages. There will be no scarcity of good accommodations. You can find all kinds of help at any time. For example, instead of choosing the Maldives that requires speed boat for commuting with the mainland, you can choose some other beach destination. If budget is the main idea behind your choice, you can do the bookings with Travelyaari Offers.

2 – Pack a lot of clothes:

Unless you are planning to wash your clothes on your vacation, pack a lot. Kids get their clothes dirty and messy easily. You will require a change of clothes many times a day. Hence, pack accordingly. If you stay at reputed hotels that provide laundry facilities, you can easily wash clothes. Otherwise, pack a lot of clothes.

3 – Packed and dry food items:

Your kid might get fussy and cranky owing to hunger at any time. This can happen literally anytime; even when you are enjoying a cable car ride. To save embarrassment; stares of the fellow travelers and ruining the fun, carry some packed foodstuff. Dry fruits, bars, snacks, wafers, biscuits and fruit bread, etc. are some good options. You can also carry some fruit that doesn’t get stale easily.

4 – Choose the activities wisely:

Always choose the activities wisely such that one parent can sit and monitor the kids while one is away. Until and unless you have some other family member you can trust, never leave your kids alone. From abductions to losing, anything can happen that will not only ruin your vacation; but can also lead to a huge loss.

5 – Choose Hotels instead of Camps:

You might be an adventurous soul that loves staying under the stars, witnessing the majestic hills and forests in their full glory. But your kids might not like it. Also, it is not so safe with kids. Any insect bite can instantly spoil the fun and call for instant packing and leaving the site. So, keep the camping plans for later, when you travel alone. When you travel with kids, always choose regular accommodation. You can also book some child-friendly resort without burning your pockets. Choose some coupon code for Travelyaari and find some amazing hotels.

6 – Carrying First Aid box is essential:

You must never travel without a first-aid box. You must carry all the basic medicines you might need. You might not find the medicine in a new place that your kid takes when he falls sick. Carry a good insect repellent; mosquito spray; fever and cold medicines. You should also carry some band-aids and general oral and topical antibiotics for kids and adults.

7 – Keep some toys and books handy:

If your kids can read, then carry some books with you. The long plane journeys can get boring after some time. You should also carry some toys for your kids that can help them pass some time. Puzzles are also a good option. You can also opt for carrying some audio-books for your kids. They can listen to stories and rhymes on their way and will fall asleep soon.

8 – Carry some wipes no matter what!

The wipes are the best solution for dealing with every messy episode. From dirt to basic cleansing and wiping faces to taking care of outdoor potty episodes; they will help you a lot. So, carry a big packet that can get you through your vacation easily.

9 – Carrying an electric kettle:

Carrying a small electrical kettle will allow you to accomplish lots of things. You can get warm water and milk anytime you want. You can cook instant noodles in it. You can also make some coffee or tea in it. You can also make your kids’ favorite soups and other such small things in it. We hope that these tips help you plan a wonderful vacation with your kids. So, pack your bags and tread the globe with TravelYaari Coupon Codes. Travel Yaari discount coupons can save you up from Rs 200 to Rs 2000 on your bus bookings.

Best Buys For Your Marriage Trousseau!

“Something Old and Something New; Something Borrowed and Something Blue” – we have all heard this phrase! Some have heard it in the famous TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And, some have heard it from their grannies and mommies.

Well, even if you have not heard anything about it, we are going to explain it. This phrase enlists the essential items a bride needs to make her transition into the wedded life. This post is dedicated to this phrase so that we can tell you how to get these things and which ones can you choose!

1 – Something Old:

To have ‘Something Old’ you can take inspirations from Isha Ambani. She wore her mother’s sari as a dupatta over her shoulder. The distinct vermillion touch added a bridal look to her otherwise light-colored outfit and even enhanced the overall look. You can also opt for some heirloom from your mother or grandmother.

Gowns, wedding dresses, garters, jewellery, hankies, and veil, etc., can also be considered to fit into this criterion. The ‘Something Old’ can be stylish as well; such as a vintage accessory or dressing essential your elder family member has.

2 – Something New:

The ‘Something New’ for your bridal appearance can be anything. You will be wearing many new things on your wedding day. All of them come under this category. From your dress to your footwear; jewellery to accessories and even your handbag – you will be using everything new. However, to make your ‘Something New’ stand out and appear extra special, you can opt for wearing a ‘tag’ and clicking some photos with the same. You can also opt for some unique and fun photos in which you are actually pointing out the ‘Something New’.

For example, you can lift your wedding gown a little bit up and flaunt your footwear. Or, you can point your perky fingers to your dress and your bridesmaids can carry the tag. To make your ‘Something New’ more affordable, you can use coupons for Tata CliQ. Assorted ethnic footwear collection available there will make your special day stylish. So, choose some lovely footwear and put a stylish foot forward as a new bride.

3 – Something Borrowed:

And, you can obviously take something as a loan from your friends or family members. It can be anything that you have been eyeing for quite some time now. For example, you can take a bracelet on loan from your elder sister or cousins. You can take some exquisite jewellery piece from any family member or friend.

Click some photos with fun poses such as you clutching that ‘Something Borrowed’ and the lender frowning over it. You can also click a shot you running away with that ‘loan’ and the lender chasing you. Wedding albums should be filled with fun photos and not just traditional boring shots.

4 – Something Blue:

To get your ‘something blue’ you have an ample number of options. From white accessories to flowers to dressing essentials – you can opt for anything. Wear jewellery that has a blue undertone to flaunt your ‘something blue’ with pride and joy. You can also wear sandals that are contrasting with your dress. Furthermore, the sandals will be hidden under your dress; so you don’t have to worry.

Many Indian brides are also quitting the typical bridal colors and opting for wedding attire that stands out. So, get your ‘something blue’ dose perfect with the Tata Cliq Coupon Codes to get instant discount offers. The coupons will help you save money as well.

From the bridal garters to dresses and sandals to accessories, you can opt for anything. Buy a Lehenga in a wonderful shade of blue. Or, you can buy footwear in various shades of blue. Bangles, jewellery, rings, bags, hairpins and any other item can be bought in this color.

You can also go for wearing a denim jacket over your wedding outfit for clicking some unconventional pictures. After all, you have to have your share of fun and happiness on your special day. So, ladies, we hope that you like this unique ‘bridal trousseau’ compilation for making the traditions as exciting and as fun as they can be!

Perfect Rakhi Gift for your Sister

Rakhi is the celebration that commands the bond among sibling and sister. This celebration is commended with bunches of fervor consistently. The unexpected endowments and the wistful incentive behind them make the celebration truly astounding. In the event that you additionally want to give some blessing to your sister, at that point read the accompanying post. We have aggregated a rundown of the best blessings that you can give on this Rakhi and make your Rakhi an extraordinary undertaking!


Your sister will definitely cherish this blessing. Indeed, there are not many ladies that can say no to it. You can be presenting arm ornaments, anklets, hoops, rings and even coat suggests or sticks. You can pick the adornments according to her taste and way of life also. Silver, Gold and Diamond or valuable stones – there are numerous alternatives accessible. You can likewise look for assistance from your mom in settling on a shrewd buy choice. 


Young ladies love to have dresses and they can never have enough of them. They want to doll-up in beautiful dresses that supplement their looks. Thus, get some great dress for her. Nonetheless, do not turn out badly with the purchasing choice, consider her preferences. You can discover a wide range of ladies dress on the web and get them utilizing the treats, for example, Yepme offers and Yepme coupon codes.

You can also compile a big bundle for her and make a cute gift hamper with 3 or 4 pieces of clothing. Or, you can also shop a complete look for your lovable sister. Yepme online shopping experience becomes even better once you apply these Yepme promo codes.


If she loves reading books, then you should present your sister a book as a Rakhi gift. You could give any book from fiction, horror, comics, cookbooks, religious, history and other genres. Or, you can randomly ask her about the book she wants to read and gift it to her. Find an old edition of a favorite book of hers and gift it. You can also buy a leatherback edition of some novels and give as a gift. Readers love leatherback editions.


A wristwatch is also a good option. Watch is an ideal gift for Rakhi, wedding, and birthday you could give this gift voucher on any type of occasion. She will love this gift item. You can buy some watch and even get it customized if you are willing to take an extra step. Elsewhere, you can opt for other wide range of products with this option rooting for some ethnic wear or even some fancy shoe sandals.


Does your sister love mobile, camera, headphones or a smart speaker? If yes, then give your sister any gadget that she doesn’t have. Or, you can also gift her, the latest accessory for her gadget. You can also opt for gifting a subscription of her favorite online entertainment channel as well. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar, etc are some names.

Personal Care Item Hamper:

You can give her a big hamper of branded personal care products as well. If she has an interest in cosmetics and getting dolled up, she is surely going to love it. Don’t worry, because you can get all the things without breaking your bank balances. How? You can shop using Big-Bazaar coupon code and several other BigBazaar offers to enjoy huge savings on every order.


You can present your sister with some handbag or wallet. So many varieties of attractive purses are available in the market and online. A girl can never ever have too many handbags or shoes. Though it is difficult to buy shoes for someone, buying a handbag is easy. You can browse the top brands and give her a gift that she will sport a lot. Put to use some alluring combo offers and promo codes to grab the top choice in your list.


Girls love perfumes and rich essences as well. There is a big range of perfumes in the market. Without any doubt, you can buy for your sister a perfume. She will surely love this gift. To make gifting even better, choose some good brand. Chanel, Gucci and Bvlgari are some suggestions.


Sunglasses are in trend these days. Different designs of sunglasses are available in the market. Get some amazing sunglasses for her. Cat eye, aviators, round-shaped, butterfly and rectangular-shaped sunglasses are the most popular ones.

Men and women both benefit out of these shopping hacks. One can also opt for formal shoes – both for gents and women footwear – to offer as another choice of presents. Yepme shoes are in trend the talk of the town among hundreds that are overwhelmed by their collection and designs.

Well, that is all we have from our side. What are you going to gift her this Rakhi?

Are There Really Discounts On Online Grocery Shopping?

Online shopping is the modern way of buying things. This trend has taken over in the purchase of almost all categories, including groceries over the internet. One of the main reasons for it is that anybody hardly has time to visit a concrete store in person these days. Buying groceries online saves a lot of time.

However, there is another reason why more and more people are turning to online shopping at present. It fetches one with different kinds of offers. It goes without saying that online shopping gives one the opportunity to cash-in on discounts like with exciting Grofers coupons and few other cashback offers. But how true is it?

This is one of those pertinent questions which crosses the minds of almost all online shoppers at some point of time. Read along to know more about it.

Discounts on online grocery shopping: a truth or a myth?

In recent years, a number of online grocery stores have come up. People buy groceries online from these stores with some expectations in their mind. While some shoppers think of it as a way to save their precious time, others do so to save their money. How exactly does online shopping help you in saving money?

Take, for instance, the case of Big Basket. It is a renowned store for groceries on the internet. It has been in service for quite some time. One of the primary reasons why it has been able to survive the competition in the business is due to its ability to retain its customer base.

From time to time, Big Basket keeps rolling out exciting offers and coupons for its loyal customers to increase their engagement. By applying Big Basket offers, one can avail discount deals. What it means is that one can get one’s desired groceries at a reduced price by buying them online from the store.

Regular clients of the virtual store for groceries know it and are always on the look for offers. Similarly, Grofers, another renowned store for buying groceries online, provides its shoppers with mindblowing couponsto engage their customers more with their website. Both new and existing users are able to make use of these offers to get their desired groceries.

So, yes, discount offers do exist in online grocery shopping. However, one needs to check out if one is eligible for it. How can one do this?

Checking one’s eligibility for discount deals on the purchase of groceries online is no rocket-science. By investing some time on the internet, one can find it out with ease. There are several web portals on the internet that can help one in acquiring information about it.

Even if one does not have any idea about such web portals, there is still a solution for them. Such users can find out more information about such offers on the internet by entering their queries on Google search box and by hitting the enter key thereafter.

Best practices to make the most of the discounts on online grocery shopping

Those who shop for grocery items online on a daily basis do it for a reason. They are well versed in discount deals. Even you can do the same. Adopting the right approach can help you in getting a clear advantage with the discount deals. Here is a list of some of those practices that you need to adopt if you wish to make the most out of discount deals on online grocery stores.

  • Keep track of various deals: It is imperative to know about discount deals in detail before you proceed to the check-out page. You can find the detailed information on ongoing discount deals about a particular store on web portals.
  • Choose online payment instead of cash on delivery: You may need to make the payment online on purchasing some groceries in order to be eligible for a discount deal. If you choose to pay using the cash on delivery option, you may not be able to make use of the discount offer. Make a habit of paying online with a cashless transaction to bag discount deals. It is simple and easy and works like a breeze.
  • Pick your products carefully: The selection of products may have a bearing on your eligibility for discounts. Some products can fetch you a discount deal if you choose to buy them in combination with other products. Run a check from a reliable portal or the official website of an online store to know more about such offers.
  • Check your eligibility: Some offers are for specific buyers or specific regions. Plus, there may also be some additional criteria to be eligible to claim an offer. Know the facts before going ahead with your plan for online grocery-shopping.

After adopting the aforementioned practices, you will see a positive outcome in your endeavor to get discounted deals on online shopping for groceries. While there is no denying the fact that discounts on online grocery shopping do exist, they are time specific. Further, they are likely to vary from time to time and from one region to another.

How to Dress a Baby for a Photo Shoot

Parenthood is an amazing experience that cannot be put into words. Every parent wants to treasure every moment of their child growing up. If you have a baby in your life, you will definitely leave no stone unturned to make the baby look their best all the time. For a photo shoot, you would want your baby to look exceptional.  Here are a few tips to make your baby look their best in their photo shoot-

  1. Comfort– Babies and new-born are very fragile. Their bodies are not yet developed to cope with the outside world and hence they must be protected. Baby skin is extremely soft and can be bruised easily. Therefore, every parent must dress their babies in the most comfortable of clothes made of soft, breathable cotton. Even for a photo shoot, no matter how fancy the selected clothes might be, you should always put the comfort of the baby first. Using Firstcry offers todayon comfortable garments for babies you can get great deals on your shopping for your new-born.
  2. Try classic looks– In fashion, trends come and go with time. But certain fashion statements are considered classics. For your baby to have a classic look, it is advised to not opt for bold and bright prints or designs. Such trends are temporary and will fade away, and the photos of your baby will look odd (remember how the pictures of 80s kids always had mullets as a hairstyle?). Therefore, it is always advisable to opt for classic prints while dressing your baby for a photo shoot.
  3. Colors– Babies always look good when they are dressed in bright and vibrant colors. Opting for dark shades like black and gray can make the pictures of your cute baby look drab and uninteresting. However, overdoing any bright color will also make the pictures look tacky. For girls, you can experiment with a bit of pinks and reds while with baby boys, lighter shades of blue look the best. Sticking to neutral tones like whites and creams is a safe bet. These colors are classy and help the baby look timeless.
  4. Prints– Bold prints capture everyone’s attention. Pattern mixing and matching are probably one of the easiest things you can do to make the pictures of your baby look exciting and turn your baby to look like a living angel. But prints which are in vogue at present tend to fade away in the future. Therefore, to maintain a timeless look in your baby’s photo, opt for classic print patterns like polka dots or mild floral patterns.
  5. Traditional attire– Ethnic and traditional can change the entire look of a photo. Regular wear never goes out of fashion. Evergreen traditional dresses like Ghagra-choli, lehengas, kurtas, etc. can add a new level of depth to the pictures of your beloved child. Combined with the right pair of footwear, a photo shoot of your baby in traditional attire is sure to grab a lot of attention.
  6. Accessorize– Accessories aren’t only for adults. A simple addition of a small hat can add another level of cuteness to the picture of your child. A hair band or a few floral clips can change the entire look of a picture of your daughter. For boys, bowties are an excellent addition and instill a very classy look. Beanies can also be used in photo shoots for boys. However, accessories tend to distract young children while their photos are being taken. So, not many accessories should be used at once.
  7. Season– It is necessary to take into account the climate of the place you live in while selecting a dress for your baby. Dressing your new-born according to the weather in the region will make sure that the baby is comfortable. In warm areas, breathable cotton garments should be the norm, and in colder areas, clothes made of soft Merino wool should be used. You can have a look at Reliance Trends offers today for great discounts on children’s apparel for all seasons throughout the year.
  8. Don’t overdo– This cannot be stressed enough. Many parents, in an attempt to perfect the look, tend to exaggerate the apparel or the accessories. This disturbs the overall look of the photo, and the clothes and accessories don’t seem to match with each other. You should always try to keep the baby’s look as lightweight and elegant as possible.

A photo shoot for your newborn can turn out to be a daunting task because you always want your baby to look their best. But in reality, it is really easy to select the perfect pair of clothes and click away from those pictures. After all, babies are always cute, aren’t they?

How to Make a Subway Style Salad At Home?

Subway is one of the most famous international food franchises. Their sandwiches and salads are simply yummy. The reviews for their cold sandwiches or subs have been mixed. However, the reviews for their salads have been all positive. You can also turn any sub into a salad by making a small extra payment. However, we all have to pay rents and buying the subs regularly can leave you broke. This is why we have come up with an excellent solution. Given below is the recipe for the Subway Style Salad. You can make the salad at home with the readily available ingredients.

So, read on and say bye to the budget woes!

Ingredients for Veggie Delight Salad:

  • Capsicum (Thinly sliced in semi-circles): 1 medium sized
  • Small tomatoes or cherry tomatoes: 7 to 8
  • 1 medium-sized cucumber: Peeled and thinly sliced
  • Lettuce: 100 g
  • Jalapenos: 5 to 6 slices (if you want a spicy salad increase the amount)
  • Olives (Green and Black): Sliced thinly ½ cup
  • Green Coriander: Washed and cut or chopped for garnishing
  • You can also add 1 piece of pickled cucumber if you like them. Slice it finely for using in salad.
  • Fine slices of 1 small onion.


To make the salad, you need a big plate. Make sure you choose a plate with fair enough size so that the veggies don’t fall. Start with shredding the lettuce. Make sure you wash them properly. Spread them evenly on the plate. Now, place the finely sliced tomatoes on the layer of lettuce. The cherry tomatoes taste simply amazing in the salad. However, if you don’t have them, use the regular ones. Place the finely sliced cucumbers over the layer of tomato or in one corner.

Put the slices of onions and capsicum in the other corners. You can layer them evenly over the whole plate. The arrangement can be made as you want. Now, top the whole thing with cucumber pickle, jalapenos, and olives.

The salad is ready. Yes, it is that easy to make. To enhance the taste of this salad, you can pair it with the sweet and sour dip as well. Find how you can make the dip at home. The recipe is mentioned in the following section.

Ingredients for making the sweet and sour dip:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: 2 tbsp
  • Sour Cream (Flavoured or unflavoured as per your preferences): 2 tbsp
  • Olive Oil (Extra Virgin): 1 tbsp
  • Mustard and Hot Sauce: 1 tbsp each
  • Salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder: as per your taste
  • Stevia Drops for sweet flavour: 3 to 4 drops (You can add as per your taste preference as well)

How to make the dip:

Take a medium sized mixing bowl and add all the dry ingredients. Mix them well with the help of a fork. Now add the apple cider vinegar and Stevia. Mix them properly with the fork. Add the thick ingredients – Hot Sauce, Mustard, Olive oil and Sour Cream. Mix them well and ensure that no lumps are formed. Keep on stirring so that a nice thick dressing is formed. You can control the creamy texture by adding the sour cream. However, we suggest that you skip on adding too much. For, this will ultimately make the otherwise healthy salad calorific. You can serve it separately or pour it over the salad.

If still you want to buy one from Subway you can use Subway offers of the day to get it at best price online. So, it is really easy to make the ‘branded’ salad at home; right? Are you going to try it? Tell us in the comments.

Smartphone Features In 2019

Smartphones are an ever-trending product in electronics segment. However, with constant and dynamic inventions in the field of technology, you could get baffled while making the correct choice. Choosing gets all the more complicated, as e-commerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Tatacliq offers competitive price deals. A superior multimedia capability, a stronger connectivity, a captivating CPU performance and an enthralling design -every phone specializes in something or the other.

A rapid growth of the information sector has augmented the smartphone industry multifold. The upgrades made by each brand are no more on an elementary level. In recent times, the newer features introduced by these companies are often revolutionary. The year 2019 can be expected to be no different. Hence, let us take a look at how the year 2019 is going to change our experience with smartphones.

Display Intensive Design

As activities like video gaming and watching movies are shifting almost completely onto mobile platforms, a need for a suitable display is getting critical. Mobile devices will not entirely replace PCs in terms of DPI, aspect ratio and color depth, however, it needs to evolve to fit the needs. In 2019, certain brands will try precisely so. A bigger and better display.

The two most prominent designs we are expecting to see are the foldable design and secondary screen attachment. The foldable screen design will initially sport a compact screen to fit in one hand. However, if required, you can fold open the screen and almost double the display. Everytime you switch from one size to the other, your OS and interface will adjust accordingly. Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei: Mate X have already cashed in on this feature, and we can expect other brands to catch on as the year passes by.

The foldable display also takes an interesting turn with the Motorola: Foldable Razr. Although there is quite some time in the release of this phone, just the idea of the iconic Motorola Fold is too much to resist. When unfolded the phone gives a full, single display, however, from the middle it folds and turns into the classic look of Motorola Razr.

Whilst Motorola went ahead with their signature fold, Vivo, with Nex2 introduced a slide. A normal fullscreen display with a sliding out secondary display. The front camera is attached to the secondary display, leaving room for end-to-end display on the top screen without any interruption.

The final interesting option of display is the secondary screen attachment. With this feature you use your primary phone as the main display screen, whereas, you can attach a secondary screen and use it as your console. When it comes to gaming this design will prove to be an absolute brilliance. LG has already moved ahead with this feature in their V50 ThinQ 5G model.

5G Phones

We are done with 3G, done with 4G and now it’s time to move on to 5G. Although, a full-fledged 5G connection will need our country to lay out a supporting infrastructure. Considering such in mind, the peak phase of 5G phones have yet some time to kick in. Having said so, 2019 is expected to be the culmination of this revolution. LG, OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi are already set for their 5G variant in 2019. Make sure you stay updated on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Tata Cliq offers on smartphones, to get the best deals on their release.

Multiple Camera

Alongside display the other fan favorite feature of smartphones is the camera feature. The dual camera feature is already in existence, but now, it’s time to combine multiple cameras. With superior lenses, higher mega-pixel, advanced video codecs and Full HD recording, smartphone cameras have started to yield professional level output. As a matter of fact, certain smartphones are even preferred  over mid-range DSLRs for digital filmmaking. Henceforth, it seems only logical that phone brands would focus to upgrade on camera features. Google, Samsung, OPPO and Huawei are the front liners in the matter.

Although the camera, connectivity and display changes are going to be revolutionary, the Smartphones of 2019 are going to have overall modifications. Increased battery power, higher Memory abilities, in-display finger print scanners, wireless charging and so-on.

Now if you are going to get the best, you will have to shell out some money. It’s cutting edge technology afterall. It won’t come cheap. However, stay updated with e-commerce sites and find the best deals they have to offer. Additionally browse through the coupon services such as Talkcharge to cash in extra discounts and cashbacks, and fetch the maximum savings possible.